PLA plastic SEM 1.75 black


Material: PLA
Color: black
Filament diameter: 1.75 mm
Length: 280 meters
Net Weight: 800g

  • Description

    Product Description

    PLA plastic SEM 1.75 black

    Brand plastic for 3D printing – PLA SEM 1.75 black plastic is an environmentally friendly filament compatible with the vast majority of FDM printers. This is one of the most popular materials for 3D printing, as it combines strength, rigidity and simple print settings. Finished products are characterized by rigidity, hardness, strength, attractive appearance and accuracy. The material is based on organic raw materials of plant origin. As a rule, it is corn or reed. It is from them that the polylactide polymer is obtained. This filament for 3D printing is a biodegradable material that does not emit caustic and toxic substances during heating.

    PLA plastic SEM 1.75 black to everything else has the following positive qualities:

    • Perfectly even and uniform black thread dyeing;
    • The same cross section along the entire length of the thread is 1.75 mm in diameter;
    • Lack of cracking and delamination of models;
    • Easy print setup;
    • Affordable price;
    • Strength, resistance to mechanical stress;
    • Hardness and rigidity.

    PLA plastic is not demanding on conditions, but it is better to organize blowing during printing, which guarantees a high-quality result. It is possible not to use the heating of printer’s bed.
    The material in the package must be protected from moisture.

    Key material specifications and 3D printing settings

    Type of plastic PLA
    Colour black
    Filament diameter 1,75mm
    Coil diameter 20cm
    Coil inner diameter 5,2cm
    Thread melting point 210-230°C
    Adhesive material (recommendations) Blue scotch 3M, The3D glue
    Table temperature 0-60°C
    Minimum nozzle diameter 0,1mm
    Solvent dichloromethane
    Material for gluing products epoxy adhesive, dichloromethane
    Coil weight 1125g
    Packaging silica gel plastic bag, paper box

    If you need to buy plastic for a 3D printer, then the material of manufacturer SEM is an excellent solution. You can buy plastic for a 3D printer from us, the price of which is lower than the market average. All you need to do is to place an order, and if you have questions, just call us or contact through a special form on the site.

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  • Additional information

    Additional information

    Weight 1 kg
    Dimensions 200 × 100 × 200 mm
    Material type




    Thread diameter

    1.75 mm

    Print Temperature (Recommended)


    Operating temperature

    от -20°С до +40°С

    Softening point

    ~ 55°С

    The length of thread in the bobbin

    280 meters

    Net weight

    0.8 kg

    Gross weight

    1.1 kg

    Packing dimensions

    210x220x70 mm

    Producing country


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    SEM is a manufacturer of plastic for 3D printing.