3D-printing and prototyping on the example of VDNKh


Marathon of Contemporary Art

Europe's largest contemporary art marathon took place in Venice from May 28 to November 27 in 2016. Most of the attention has been attracted by projects aimed at improving the quality of the infrastructure of urban spaces and increasing the social role of architecture in different cities around the world.

3D-печать и макетирование

Biennale theme

The Venice Biennale is the most famous art exhibition, combined with the forum of world art, which played a key role in the formation of contemporary art in the 20th century.

For the theme of the biennale "Reporting from the Front", our country presented the project V.D.N.H. URBAN PHENOMENON


The dominant feature of the exposition of the Russian pavilion was the urban planning ensemble of Moscow - the Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy (VDNKh).

This monument of Soviet architecture has gone through several stages of stagnation and active renovation, without losing interest among the residents of our capital, which makes it even more interesting from the point of view of urbanism. Despite the heated debate over the choice of an object from our country for the Biennale, we can undoubtedly say that the creators of the Russian pavilion have done a great job.

It was decided to make a three-dimensional model of the VDNKh complex. To carry out such a complex project, 3D printing technology was chosen. The requirements for the contractor were very serious: the most difficult order in 10 days. The VDNKh model was made of PLA plastic on a scale of 1: 400, which allowed all visitors to the Venice Biennale to admire the model of one of the main architectural ensembles in Moscow for two months.

3D-печать и макетирование

Printing in 10 days

The only company that agreed to complete this volume in 10 days was Studia3D 3D printing workshop.

The entire object for printing was prepared directly by the studio itself: the workshop specialists first created a 3D model of the object, then optimized the process of placing the model in the printing area of ​​a 3D printer.

Новогодние игрушки для украшения елок в ГУМе

What we used

For the printing process, not only printers were used: Prism Pro V2, PICASO 3D Designer and Designer PRO 250, but also other equipment and technologies in the production of Studia3D: milling machines and laser cutting.

Large production

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