Custom wax 3D printing

You can order wax 3D printing with three kinds of 3D printing from our company.



The model can be printed with an accuracy of 200 microns with a personal 3D printer.


The model can be printed with an accuracy of 50 microns with a FormLabs 3D printer.


ProJet 2500W can help to print your model if the highest accuracy is required!


Now you can wax print even with a common FDM printer. The quality of a common printer is usually sufficient for big parts. At the same time, the cost is lower than that of SLA or MJM.

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SLA 3D printing has a high level of detail while the presence of support material, which will be removed manually, should be taken into account; however, its cost is cheaper than that of MJM.

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As a rule, our clients choose MJM technology when it's necessary to get the highest detalization because MJM uses the principle of washing-out supports. The layer height is 16 micrometers.

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Big production

Own facilities for 3D printing!

Wax 3D printing revolution!!!!

Now the smelted material is available for FDM 3D printers. If you don't need high accuracy we get with SLA or MJM 3D printing, you can order FDM wax 3D printing.

Any size

Our park has large-scale3D printers. know more...


3D printing with smelted material according to FDM technology is much cheaper than SLA or MJM!