A widespread situation – a part doesn’t fit in the maximum dimensions of the 3D printing area no matter how you turn it there. There’s a solution! We split the model into a few parts and after printing, we can agglutinate, solder, seam, weld or just join them together. In doing so, the accuracy of matching the components should be taken into account. You can learn more about the accuracy in the following article: REAL SIZE OF A PART AFTER 3D PRINTING.

To break a part into a few objects we turn to NetFabb. You can learn more about this software and its features here.

Open a model and find the “cuts” window. Start moving the sliders. As we can see, a line appeared on our model. This is a so-called cut line. Click on “execute cut”.

There will be a cut plane. Here we can adjust the cut line by size in a more accurate way. Click on “cut”.

As we can see, our model is split into two parts. You can save each part as a separate file and print it individually.

Let’s examine another situation when we need additional pins or guides for correct positioning after splitting into the components.

We take a bear, note the cut line and click on “Cuts”.

экрана 2018-04-27 в 4.09.23

Now before the”cut” operation we click on “pin settings”.

экрана 2018-04-27 в 4.09.55

A window should open up, where you need to choose what pins you need for combining.

Cylindrical taper slot:

экрана 2018-04-27 в 4.10.07

Or hook:

экрана 2018-04-27 в 4.10.23

I chose hook and determined all parameters, which I need. Pay attention to the fact that you can choose the size, depth, overhang, and other parameters for interconnects.

экрана 2018-04-27 в 4.10.47

As we can see, our bear has additional pins after splitting.

экрана 2018-04-27 в 4.11.14

This way will help not only to correctly position two parts relative to each other but also to fix one part with the other!