This page contains instructions for connecting and working in the Studia3D Aggregator system. If you notice an error or inaccuracy, please, inform us urgently at

Please note that an unfair delivery of goods or the execution of an order for 3D printing entails the automatic disconnection of your account with the inclusion of your legal entity in the black list without the possibility of reconnecting!

How to connect to Studia3D Aggregator system.

To work in the Studia3D Aggregator system, you need to go through the registration and verification process by the administrators. To apply for registration, you need to go to the main page of the aggregator. On the main page of the aggregator, click on the “Connect” button.

The system will redirect you to the registration page where first of all you need to create a business account. To do this, click on the “business account” link at the top of the page.

You will be taken to the registration page. In the “Registration” block you must enter your e-mail and check the boxes confirming that you want to get a seller account.

If you have already been registered in the system, then you do not need to go through the registration process. You just need to send an application for an account by ticking the appropriate boxes and clicking on the “Submit” button.

Next, you need to close the registration window and continue filling in your personal data on the system connection page. The data is required to make payments in the event of sales and to contact technical support specialists.

After filling in the required data, click on the “Send” button.

Immediately after filling out and sending the necessary data, you will receive a letter about the successful receipt of data by administrators. If all fields have been filled in correctly, the registration process will be quick. After checking all the data and successfully registering as a seller, an appropriate e-mail will be sent to you.

Now you can place your products, models on the Studia3D Aggregator site and receive orders for 3D printing. Orders for 3D printing will be automatically distributed between connected contractors and distributed depending on the specified equipment at the time of registration. Upon receipt of an order for 3D printing, you will receive a notification on e-mail, where you can either accept the order or refuse it.

To place products or 3D models with the Studia3D Aggregator system, you need to enter the user’s personal account by clicking on the corresponding icon in the site menu.

In the seller’s personal account, you can view which products were purchased by customers and the list of orders. To add or edit your products, use the corresponding buttons.

If you want to change the settings of your merchant account, you need to go to the “Profile” tab on the left side of the screen. To change the display language of your account, change the language in the “Language” section. To return to the goods, you must click on the “Goods” button.

How to add your product to the site for sale.

To crush your product, you need to go to the list of products. For a convenient display of goods, configure the display parameters of the list by opening the “Screen Options” tab and checking the necessary boxes. To add a new product, click on the “Add new” button.

Enter all the blank fields on the page for adding a new product. Name, product description, short description of the product, indicate the quantity of stock and the price. Pay attention to the language selected when creating the product. The product will be seen only by those users who match the language audience of the selected product. To add a product in another language, you will need to perform a text translation of the product in the future.

Don’t forget to mark the product category on the right side of the page. If you did not see the required category, you must indicate the closest in semantic topic and send a request to with a request to create a new category. After reviewing the application, a new category will be created and you can change the category of your product. Be sure to post “Product Image”. All images must correspond to an aspect ratio of 900×600.

A prerequisite is the presence of at least three additional photos of the product. To add additional images, use the “Add Product Image Gallery” button.

The product should in no case duplicate an existing product in the store. Your product should have characteristic differences from the existing ones. If a match is found, the product will not be published or will be removed from publication.

How to add your 3D model to a website for sale.

In the window for adding a new product, you must enter the name of your 3D model in the format “{name} – 3D model”. Below is a window for entering an extended description of the model. Include an extended description of your model in the text for this window. Provide as much information as possible. As a rule, this block also indicates the overall dimensions of the 3D model.

To view the overall dimensions of the model, you can use a program that supports working with STL files. Examples of programs. The image below shows how to view the dimensions in Meshmixer.

You need to understand that a 3D model is a virtual product that cannot be taken anywhere but you can download it. Therefore, a mandatory step is to put the appropriate checkboxes as shown in the image below.

The window for a brief description of the goods must be filled in strictly in the form:

File format: STL.

Errors: not found. *

{A brief description of the product in a few words.}

* How to check your 3D model can be read on a separate page.

Enter the file name (the client will see it). Click “Add File” to upload your model file.

You are taken to the file upload page. Upload your 3D model. Please note that the model must meet the requirements for models for 3D printing. Make sure the model is optimized. Don’t try to add high poly models. If your model takes a very long time to load on the product page, then moderation will not be passed. After uploading the file, select it to generate a link to the site. This link will be opened to the customer after the purchase of the model.

To display a model on the site, select this model in the “Product model” block. You can choose the same model as the file for displaying that you have indicated for the client to download. However, if your file weighs more than 15 megabytes, we strongly recommend converting the model to GLB format and uploading this format to the viewer again. This will increase performance and allow faster immersion of 3D models on the product page which will increase customer loyalty by reducing page load latency. After selecting the file, you will see the following inscription.

You must save the draft of the page. To do this, you need to click Save Draft. After refreshing the page, click on the “Edit / Preview” button.

You are taken to the page for configuring the display of your 3D model on the product page. How will it look like?

In this tab, you need to take a screenshot of the 3D model viewing window to use it as the main product image. Your own image is not allowed as the main product image. Note again the inscription “For best performance convert the model to GLB format.” If your file weighs more than 15 megabytes, we strongly recommend converting the model to GLB format and uploading this format to the viewer again. This will increase productivity and allow faster loading of 3D models on the product page, which will increase customer loyalty by reducing the waiting time for page loading. In the settings, you can correctly position the 3D model in the display space, select colors, adjust the light and camera.

It is necessary to place the main product image. Without the main image, the product will not be approved. The main product image should have an aspect ratio of 900 x 600. The background behind the model should consist of a grid on which the model is located. Empty spaces are not allowed. Rotate the model correctly so that the entire background is covered by the mesh.

An example of a screenshot with the required aspect ratio of 900 x 600, taken from the edit tab of the model view on the site.

Клиент не должен иметь возможность добавить 3D-модель в корзину несколько раз. Количество одной модели не может быть более одной. Поэтому необходимо поставить галочку, которая уберет возможность выбора количества у моделей.

Please note that you need to add images to the product gallery. The product gallery should consist of images of the same type of your 3D model on a uniform background, aspect ratio 900 x 600. The number of images must be strictly 3 pieces.

As an example, I’m showing what the images should be in the product gallery. If you also have, then your product will be tested for publication.


If you are done with adding information and adding all materials to the site, you can submit your new product for publication. After submission, the model will be reviewed by administrators, and after a while it will appear on the site. Before publishing, your model will be worked out in terms of advertising.

Remember! After submitting your model for publication, you will not be able to edit the product. To edit a product, you need to write a request to with a link to the product. You must send the letter from the mail that is registered in your business account. After reviewing the application, the model will be removed from publication, and you will see the opportunity to edit the model. You will receive a notification about the possibility of editing by mail.

The product should never duplicate an existing product in the store. Your product should have characteristic differences from the existing ones. If a match is found, the product will not be published or will be removed from publication.

In order to copy and duplicate the product, use the separate button “Copy to a new draft”.

How to accept orders for 3D printing?

By connecting to the system as a counterparty to accept orders for 3D printing, you agree to the terms of the system and you cannot refuse the order. When distributing orders between contractors, all models are thoroughly checked, so you can only receive high-quality models suitable for 3D printing using your technology. After the successful completion of the first order, an agreement will be concluded with you for working in the system and for the possibility of making payments to your legal entity. In case of violation of the deadlines or non-fulfillment of the order for 3D printing, your account will be disabled without the possibility of account recovery.

What to do in case of equipment breakdown or high load?

In case of temporary inability to accept orders for 3D printing, you must immediately notify Studia3D Aggregator administration by writing an information mail to

Work in the seller’s personal account.

In order to go to the seller’s personal account, you need to click on the Business Account button in the top menu of the site.

After clicking and successful authorization, you will be taken to a page where you can see a list of your orders and a sales report for the period. To view orders for a specific position, you need to click on the “Show orders” button in the list of goods that have been sold on our site.

Who makes the delivery for the client?

In the process of forming and paying for the order by the client, an order card will be sent to your mail in which the delivery column will be indicated. If at this point the delivery price is 0 rubles / dollars / euro, you do not need to make delivery. Our couriers will pick up the order themselves and deliver it to the client. After completion in your personal account, you need to make a mark on the execution of the order by clicking on the “Completed and sent” button. In the event that a specific delivery cost is indicated in the “delivery” column, you need to deliver the order to the address indicated in the order card. The delivery cost is formed based on the calculation of the cost of the transport companies CDEK, UPS, DHL through the corresponding API and selects the minimum from them.

How to mark that the order is ready?

If you have completed the order, you need to click on the “Mark shipped” button in the order list in accordance with the order number. Please note whether or not it is necessary to send the order to the client.

If you have any questions, please write them to us at